2017 Featured Chefs

Chef Erik Fulkerson

Executive Chef: Bald Headed Bistro

Chef Fulkerson currently inhabits the Executive Chef  helm for the Bald Headed Bistro in the greater Chattanooga, TN area where he focuses on a mix of high end southern fare with Western flair and gaucho asado technique. He has developed a private, seasonal chef’s table menu for guests in his banquet kitchen where he prepares dishes and explains them personally to his guests. He has a monthly supper club with a custom, four course family style menu. Fulkerson also competes in regular competitions and prepares menu’s for wine tastings and food education seminars.



Chef Dao Lee

Executive Chef: DoubleTree Hotel

Johnson and wales, Miami Florida 96'
ACF MEMBER since 96

Executive chef , Doubletree Hotel
Worked as Executive Chef in numerous restaurants during my career including
L.A. , Cleveland Ohio, Pittsburgh Pa.

6 time ACF GOLD MEDAL winner
4 time ACF SILVER MEDAL winner
3 time ACF BRONZE MEDAL winner

World Food Championships competitor 2015, 2016 and qualified for the 2017 World Food Championships in November.  


Chef Eric "Burt" Brown

Sous Chef: Flying Squirrel

Chef Burt has been interested in cooking since he a small boy. Watching his father cook coupled with cooking shows during childhood started the interest early on. From early days as a short order cook to being part of the BBQ Award winning Team as Meat Manager at the Flying Squirrel. During twenty years of restaurant experience proves that acquiring new techniques and methods of cooking has always been his passion. Burt cherishes making good food that  can feed people because food is what he loves to do, and to do it the best possible way. Master of bad puns and tasteless jokes, purveyor of positive mental attitude.


Chef Hardin

Chef: Dwell Hotel / Terra Mae

A native Chattanoogan with a worldly palate, Chef Hardin brings years of culinary experience to diners at Terra Mae. After studying at New York City's International Culinary Center, he worked for almost a decade in the city. He has served as the Chef at Terra Mae since 2014, and he led the development of every recipe on the current menu, which will shift seasonally. His style: hip classic French with a Southern flare and a knack for pushing the envelope.

Chef Charlie Loomis

Chef: Feed Co

Charlie Loomis started his culinary career in Virginia (it's still considered the South!) and Washington D.C. under the guidance of Chef Patrick Dihn. With Chef Dihn’s supervision and teaching, Charlie worked at several restaurants in the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas as he further developed his unique skill set.

Soon after, his unique talents were discovered by local businessman, Chuck Pruett, and he began his career with Greenlife Grocery. As Culinary Director, Charlie oversaw the meat, seafood, bread and culinary departments of the Asheville and Chattanooga locations and was instrumental in designing, opening, and getting the newer, bigger, better Greenlife Grocery running in 2007. 

After meeting 1885 Grill owner, Miguel Morales just once at a children's birthday party in 2007, the duo knew that eventually they would join culinary forces. Chef Charlie joined the 1885 Grill team as Executive Chef in 2013 before partnering with Miguel and Tremont Tavern owner, Dustin Choate to open The FEED Co. Table and Tavern. At FEED Co., he serves a seasonal menu of inventive farm fresh comfort cuisine with a southern influence. Each owner brings a unique southern taste to the table. From Virginia to North Carolina to coastal South Carolina to Tennessee… and some Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana too, it’s all in there.  

Notably, he had recipes featured in the White House Garden Cookbook and many of his recipes from Greenlife Grocery are still in use today and favorites around the county.